Looking Into The World Of Restomods

The car industry is full of ways to decorate your vehicle or upgrade its appearance. Restoring a classic car is a great way to be creative, but there’s another method of tinkering with a machine and it’s called restomodding. Restomodding involves combining modern and old automotive technology to achieve the best of both worlds. Restoration revolves around repairing the original parts of a car until they’re in perfect condition.

Restoration vs restomodding

A restomod offers the chance to be more creative because you can customise a car with modern parts and improve its handling. You’ll have a beautiful machine that retains a classic look, but have the high-performance of a modern vehicle. A fully restored classic might be more valuable, though you’re likely to save time and money with a restomod. This is because you won’t need to track down a part that could be potentially non-existent for an old car.

People who enjoy restoring cars could be seen to want to preserve a part of history. Restomod enthusiasts are interested in improving the performance and safety of their vehicles by including modern technology. Both approaches have their advantages and it all comes down to personal preference.

Restomod examples

Restomods have become very popular over the last few years, as seen from UK restoration specialists Singer Vehicle Design. They redesigned and modernised classic Porsche 911s. Italy have also produced some great restomods, such as a 1971 911T 2.2 that was upgraded by Nosgruppe.

A recent example of an attractive restomod is a 1950s Willys Jeep wagon. The car possesses a 350 cc Corvette V8, 700R automatic transmission, a custom frame and four-wheel disc brakes. It has blue exterior paint, wood grain two-tone panelling and a cream vinyl interior. The wood grain paint was applied professionally and it’s estimated artist Dennis Price took over 300 hours to restore the wagon.

The mark of a great restomod is the amount of detail that goes into a vehicle. In the case of the Willys Jeep, every part of the car has been thought about and nothing looks out of place. Restomodding a car is definitely one of the most popular trends in the industry right now and it looks like it’s going to get bigger as time goes on.

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