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Investing in alloy wheels for your car can be a great way of improving your vehicle’s performance and appearance. However, if your alloys become damaged or cracked, you can be left struggling to get from A to B.

We know how frustrating alloy wheel damage can be. So, whether your wheels are affected by a small cosmetic problem or a large, potentially dangerous issue, we can help.

Helping you TO get back on the road

Here at Paintwork Express, our alloy wheel repair service is suitable for everything from minor scratches and scuffs to kerb damage and discolouration.

With the help of our talented team, professional tools and years’ of experience, we’ll restore your car and get you back on the road in no time at all.



All price are plus Vat.

Prices are for light damage but for larger repairs please email details of car along with images to and we will aim to respond within 24 hours.

Or you come and see us for a free fixed written quote.

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What makes us special

Our team of experienced car repair specialists will use their extensive knowledge and expertise to get you back on the road with as little disruption as possible.

Cost-effective repairs

We know how expensive it can be to keep your car running. With MOTs, car tax and insurance to budget for, unexpected repairs can throw your finances off track. You may be relieved to hear that we can provide you with a quality service without a hefty price tag.

From the moment you visit us, we’ll offer you free advice on the most affordable way of repairing your car. We’ll even consider whether it’s most cost-effective for you to pay privately or via your insurance company.

Safety first

Safety is something we take extremely seriously and we do everything we can to ensure that all of our customers drive away in a vehicle that’s looking its best whilst also being safe to drive.

If your alloy wheels become damaged as a result of an accident, we won’t hesitate to let you know if we identify any underlying issues that may compromise the safety of your vehicle.

If your car needs further repairs or maintenance once we’ve fixed your wheels, we can either fix the problem ourselves or point you in the direction of another specialist.

Rapid recovery

With places to go and people to see, we understand just how important it is to have a vehicle you can rely on. For this reason, we’ll complete all repairs as quickly as possible. We may even be able to finish the repairs on the same day you drop your car off at our workshop.

We’re big on communication, so we’ll discuss completion times with you early on in the process. If a complicated repair will take several days to complete, we’ll keep you updated along the way with regular SMS messages if you wish.

All our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months, so in the unlikely event that you experience any further issues with your vehicle, we’ll be on hand to make things right.

Need an alloy wheel repair service in Hull and the surrounding area? Please get in touch with the team at Paintwork Express.